Our Story

Since our founding in 2001, we have consistently pursued the same investment strategy, targeting service-oriented businesses at the lower end of the middle market.
We seek out entrepreneurs and managers who have a passion for their business. We enjoy working in partnership with quality management teams who want to build more substantial businesses and become market leaders. We help companies grow by providing resources to maximize operating potential and to further penetrate existing markets or expand into new ones.

Our experience and forward-looking investment philosophy help us recognize compelling opportunities that others may overlook. Our size and highly collaborative team approach allow us to respond to opportunities quickly, with thoughtful strategic vision. We focus on one investment idea at a time, working side by side with management to implement changes that lead to improved organizational flexibility, operational efficiency and profitable growth.
“We concentrate on building a broader, more diverse business around one investment idea at a time. This approach allows us to devote all of our attention, effort and resources toward developing and executing a single business strategy.”

Jeff Kvam
Partner, SE Capital Partners